Our Story

"Hi, I'm MailChip!"

The beginnings

The journey wasn't easy, but we can definitely say that MailChip is worth keeping.

Like most success stories, MailChip was built through lots of practice, learnings, patience, hard work and passion to create a great something that's perfect for all ages, young and old.

There are those who prefer the latest and greatest cookie discoveries out there, but we want to be there for those who prefer timeless classics that gets better with age.

We knew what we wanted to create right from the start. It should not be as big or thick enough that you can't finish it, not too sweet that it burns your tongue, or not too crumbly that it goes all over the place. 

For most, MailChip's soft batch cookie texture is almost nostalgic, really. Our hearts are always full when we get feedback that they remember their childhood, their parents and grandparents, and their kids. 

We couldn't forget the insane support from our family, friends and mentors who continue to inspire us to go the extra mile despite the many odds, one of which, a pandemic that changed the world. 

MailChip at present

We can definitely see how much we've changed since we started baking early this year, and as much as photos are concerned, we will continue to improve the pursuit to never stop being better in our craft and ensure that you get the best quality product delivered to your doorstep.


The #YouveGotMailChip hashtag

Yas, we did get inspired from one of Tom Hanks' and Meg Ryan's many classic romcoms. But what struck us the most was that moment when they were having regular meet ups at the market and Tom Hanks was gnawing on a cookie. Man, we wished we had a cookie while watching that scene!

The future of MailChip

The future is bright and chocolatey! Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates from us!


We value your feedback about our cookies! Have an exciting idea for a chance that we can work together? Send us your proposals on our contact form and we will respond to you soon.